Exhibition Photos

Exhition names on bold text are links to articles referring to that particular exhibition.

Lihavoidut näyttelyiden nimet ovat linkkejä näyttelystä kertoviin artikkeleihin.

Selected Solo Exhibitions in Finland

2022 Connection Interference, HAA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2021 Connection Interference, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere, Finland

2018 Autumn is the Summer gone crazy, Jetty Barracks Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2018 Autumn is the Summer gone crazy, Gallery Kulma, Art Factory, Porvoo, Finland

2016 An attempt to get deeper the surface, Gallery of Malmi Culture house, Helsinki, Finland

2014 Red and White countries, Gallery Huuto Jätkäsaari 1, Helsinki, Finland

2014 Red and Whites, Gallery Katariina studio, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Victory Days, Gallery Myymälä2, Helsinki, Finland

2011 Games of Don Juan and other pictures, Gallery Kajava, Helsinki, Finland

2009 Memories, Gallery Kajava, Helsinki, Finland

2008 Journey, 00130Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Solo Exhibitions Abroad

2023 RGB, Galerii Metropol 6 m2 & Metropol Kapp, Tallinn, Estonia, 2023

2014 Reflection, New Exhibition Hall of the State Museum of Urban Sculpture,
Saint Petersburg, Russia

2007 Pâris, Gallery Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

Selected Group Exhibitions in Finland

2022 Pro Figura II, Imatra Art museum, Finland

2019 Pro Figura, Artist House in Järvenpää, Finland

Pro Figura 1

2015 ArtHelsinki Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery Johan S, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland

2006 Dogville, 00130Gallery group part 2, gallery of Kanneltalo, Helsinki, Finland

2005 Tusovka-art, gallery MUU, Helsinki, Finland

Group and Collective Exhibitions Abroad

2015 Truth – Happiness?, Gallery Stenhallen, Öland, Sweden

2015 Gallery Espacio, Benalmadena, Spain (with Michael Rahikainen)

2012 Die Zeit – The Time, Arteground-artist group, Gallery Wagner + Partner, Berlin, Germany

2008 Stop! Who is coming?, international biennale of young artists, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia

2005 Memory, international exhibition of young artists, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia

2003 Art International-03, Centralnyi Dom Hudozhnika, Moscow, Russia